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Buyadate.org is an online database of members looking to browse, buy and/or sell time. Buyadate.org is more than just a 'social network', it is intended to be a 'social utility'. The goal is to be an empowerment website for entrepreneurs and humanitarians- and to help channel funding into the nonprofit sector.

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Dispute Resolution Center

We understand that it's never a pleasant experience to have a problem with a date. Often, the easiest way to resolve a problem is by communicating with the other person. However, if you continue to have a problem, you can report your problem through this dispute console- which will help you report, track, and resolve your dispute. You must be a registered Buyadate.org member to file a dispute.

Disputes will be resolved by attempting to:
- Facilitate a constructive conversation between the parties.
- Clarify areas of miscommunication or misunderstanding.
- Discuss points of agreement and disagreement.
- Help the parties fashion an equitable resolution of their own choosing.

A member of staff will personally review all disputes, and dependent on how long it takes to contact the other person involved in the dispute, will attempt to reply within 3 - 5 business days.