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Buyadate.org is an online database of members looking to browse, buy and/or sell time. Buyadate.org is more than just a 'social network', it is intended to be a 'social utility'. The goal is to be an empowerment website for entrepreneurs and humanitarians- and to help channel funding into the nonprofit sector.

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Dream Date

eRequest your Dream Date

Some profiles, celebrities and such, are responsive to their fanbase's petitions. Do you have a favorite celebrity, or member from another website, who you'd love to get an hour to interview, or simply chat with?

Search the eRequest database, see if your dream date is already on the eRequest list, and if so, you can add your e-signature to the online petition. Note, this does not actually send a request to this individual for a date, but rather adds your name to a list of others who are requesting that the individual create a Buyadate.org member profile, and offer a date for sale. If an eRequested individual eventually creates a member profile, then all the members who e-signed the online petition will be notified.

If an actual individual or a celebrity agent sees enough interest from their fanbase, they might be persuaded to a win-win scenario, where they might auction off a set date/ time/ location, or leave a standing offer (and if they wish, donate a portion of their proceeds to their favorite charity). Don't see someone on your wishlist? you can add them to the eRequest list.

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