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  4. Dispute Resolution
  5. Refund Policy
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Payment Methods

Your Account makes it easy for you to manage payments efficiently and securely. There are a number of ways to pay and get paid on Most sellers offer more than one option. Some payment options offer more protection than others, so be sure to select a method of payment that makes you feel comfortable.

Member sellers can designate which payment forms are accepted- and may choose that all payments are made upfront before the date... or members can negotiate to utilize our Escrow Service which holds the payment until the date is satisfactorily completed. It is up to the members to choose and agree what they prefer. Furthermore, members may verify and get to know each other better (through email, video, chat or links), in order to clarify details of the date with negotiation (see our Suggestions/ Tips section for ideas and issues best to discuss and negotiate prior to a date).

Before you bid on an date, make sure that the seller's payment options will work for you. Important factors you should consider include:
- Is it traceable and is there proof of payment?
- Is the method fast and convenient? does the payment method charge a fee to use?
- How secure is it?

Some payment options offer more protection than others. The seller may accept a variety of payment methods including PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, Google Checkout, E-Check, or Escrow service. Be sure to negotiate who will incur the cost of using the agreed upon payment method. Certain payment methods charge a fee, which typically the seller will be charged, unless otherwise negotiated with the buyer and they include it in their payment price (i.e. if the payment method agreed upon is a credit card or PayPal, negotiate upfront who will incur the fee charge for using such payment method). Important: does not recommend cash as a payment method. You do not retain any proof of your payment and will have little to no remedy for transaction problems.


Send funds directly to a seller from a verified bank account or from a credit card. PayPal is the preferred payment method for many buyers and sellers. PayPal enables you to send payments quickly and securely online using a credit card or bank account. However, you should first check that the seller offers PayPal as a payment method for their listing.

- Payment is traceable. You can track the status of your payment using My Account or your PayPal account.
- Payment is immediate and convenient.
- Does not require you to use your credit card online (you can transfer directly from your bank account). Sellers don't see your credit card number (it is safely encrypted through PayPal's server), which limits the risk of unauthorized use.
- Offers PayPal Buyer Protection on eligible transactions up to $200 at no additional cost. However, the majority of transactions may be covered up to $2000. See eligibility.

Credit or Debit Card

Certain sellers can accept credit or debit card payments directly. This will require you to provide your credit card information to the seller. To protect yourself, check with your credit card provider for protection terms and conditions.

- Immediate and convenient.
- Traceable.
- Limited liability. Credit card companies typically provide some level of identity and purchase protection.
- Contact your credit card company to learn more.

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is a fast, convenient checkout process that allows customers to buy from you with a single Google login - and you can process their orders and charge their credit or debit cards.

- Immediate and convenient.
- Traceable.
- Google Checkout has industry-leading fraud protection program which keeps you safe from fraud.
- the purchasing information of each Google Checkout user is stored in a single Google account, so they can buy from you by simply providing their username and password.
- Can add Google Checkout buttons next to date descriptions


E-Check combines the security, speed and processing efficiencies of all-electronic transactions with the familiar and well-developed legal infrastructure and business processes associated with paper checks. E-Check processing is the means by which you can take a paper check and submit it for payment electronically instead of taking it to the bank. You simply key in check information and submit the transaction.

- Immediate and convenient.
- Traceable.
- Can be used by all bank customers who have checking accounts - works like a paper check does but in pure electronic form, with fewer manual steps.
- Check conversion relies on the same secure network used for Direct Deposit and Direct Payment, the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Escrow Service

Feel secure. holds payment in a neutral Escrow Account. Buyer releases the funds only when the agreed upon date has taken place to satisfaction.

How does it work?
1. Buyer and Seller negotiate terms of the date, including to utilize an Escrow Account.
2. Buyer deposits funds into the Escrow Account before the date takes place. During the payment process, when the buyer is requested to supply payment information, the buyer will have the opportunity to select to utilize the Escrow Service.
3. verifies the Buyer payment into the Escrow Account.
4. Buyer and Seller go on agreed upon date.
5. Buyer confirms the date has taken place satisfactorily.
6. releases the funds from the Escrow Account to the Seller.

For transactions, you should only use or approved legitimate escrow companies. There have been reports of fraudulent sellers using nonexistent escrow companies, so do your homework before using any escrow service other than, or other verifiable legitimate escrow companies.

- Payment is held by our Escrow Service until you receive and approve the date.
- If buyer is not satisfied with the date, and a dispute arises, then the escrowed funds are not released, and will assist Buyer and Seller with free mediation and dispute resolution center.

When utilizing the Escrow Service (depending on the payment method by which the buyer deposits funds into the Escrow Account), the buyer may be charged a processing fee if a refund is requested (or the amount in Escrow Account is requested) to be returned to the buyer. There will be no processing fee charged to the buyer if there is no fee charged to (or such fee is refunded) by the buyer's selection of payment method.

Payment Method Considerations wants to ensure that the marketplace offers buyers an array of safe, appropriate, and convenient payment choices for the marketplace. From time to time, as new payment services arise, will evaluate them to determine whether they are appropriate for the marketplace. Payment services that are not permitted on may, in fact, be outstanding services for consumers in other contexts.'s evaluation relates only to whether a particular service is appropriate for the marketplace. will consider the following factors, among others, in making its determination:

- Whether the payment model offers substantial financial, privacy and anti-fraud protection for buyers and sellers.
- Whether the payment model raises the potential for confusion among users, or involves incentives that may present fraud concerns.
- Whether the payment service has a substantial historical track record of providing safe and reliable financial and/or banking related services (new services without such a track record generally cannot be promoted on

Non-permitted Payment Methods

Sellers may not ask or require you to pay by instant cash wire transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. They may not ask you to pay by cash. These payment methods are not permitted on If a seller asks you to pay with a payment method that is not permitted on, report the seller.

Please view the FTC Guide to Online Payments for additional information on electronic payments, safety, and how to report problems if they arise.

Dispute Resolution

We understand that it's never a pleasant experience to have a problem with a date. Often, the easiest way to resolve a problem is by communicating with the other person. However, if you continue to have a problem, you can report this problem through our Dispute Resolution center. The dispute center is an online communication tool which can help you report, track, and resolve your dispute.

Refund Policy

After a date has taken place, the member buyer will be emailed a date confirmation letter stating that the scheduled date has taken place and asking for some member buyer feedback (which will be posted on the member seller's profile).

If does not hear contrary from the member buyer, and no dispute is filed, will assume the date took place as scheduled- it is the member buyer's responsibility to notify, if the member seller postpones, cancels or does not show up for the date. Member seller must also confirm with after a date actually takes place.

Because member sellers may withdraw their profits 14 days from the time of the actual date, we require that all refunds be requested by member buyers within 14 days of the actual date. There are no returns or cancellations for any dates and/or services purchased through after 14 days of the actual date.

Member buyer agrees that if they make a payment and then request a refund, that they will bear any losses, costs or fees incurred by from the transactional processing and/or refunding to the member buyer's payment source (for example, the % fee charged by the buyer's credit card company to process the transaction, as well as any cost or fee charged by the credit card to refund you).

Member buyer waives the right to a refund after 14 days from the actual date. Member buyer agrees that if they circumvent this 14 day refund period, with a direct request to their credit card (or other payment form) for reimbursement after 14 days (of the actual date), which consequently leaves bearing the liability of payments already made to the member seller and nonprofit profit sharing donation, that member buyer will be liable for the full reimbursement amount and fees associated with such refund. In such a case, member buyer will be liable to, and no longer able to use the Site or Service until such liability is reimbursed.

When a refund is issued, it is applied to the payment source (e.g. a credit card, checking account, PayPal, etc.). To be eligible for a refund, you must submit your request using our Dispute Center within 14 days of your actual date. Note: Please allow 30 days for refunds to be processed and posted to your account.

In cases where there is a long duration between payment and actual date, then our Escrow Service may be the best option for member seller to verify that the funds are available and member buyer to ensure that the date takes place before payment is made.

If a member buyer has deposited funds in our Escrow Account and requests a refund, depending on the payment source, and method of refund, you may be charged a processing fee. If there are no fees charged to (or such fee is refunded), in such cases will not charge members any fee for refunds.

Editing Payment Method

You can set your accepted payment methods from the My Account tab any time after registration. You can choose between accepting payments through credit or debit card, PayPal, Google Checkout, E-Check, or Escrow service.

Account Balance

Your transaction details and billing activity can be found through your Account Summary. To view your summary, click on your My Account tab and select Account Summary. When viewing your Account Summary, you'll see your current balance as of the date you're viewing the information. Clicking any itemized transaction will show you any credits, debits, and date information associated with that transaction.

Whenever a link "Transfer funds to your account" appears, you should be able to make a disbursement of funds.

Available Balance

There is a 14 day hold on all payments to ensure that there are no disputes and that funds fully clear. The Available Balance is the amount you currently are able to withdraw from your account. Your Available Balance may be different than your Balance if one of your scheduled withdrawals is 'On Hold.'

The Payment processing date is the estimated date will send payment to you (it is not the date you will receive payment). The date sends payment to you depends on your selected Payment Method.

Funds Disbursement and Preferences

Whenever a link "Transfer funds to your account" appears, you can make a disbursement of accumulated funds in your account to your bank account (free of any processing fees). You have several additional options available for receiving funds from your account, although depending on the disbursement method you select, you may be charged a processing fee (for example, if you choose to be paid through PayPal, they will charge you a processing fee).

You can set your disbursement preference from your My Account, Preferences option, any time after registration. After you make your selection, all disbursements will be paid to you using your preferred option.

Your disbursement is based on a 14 day cycle. Every 14 days we will initiate a disbursement to your checking account. It normally takes less than 5 business days from the disbursement until the money is shown in your bank account.

Reserve Amount

The Reserve Amount is the amount keeps in reserve in your account to cover potential or existing buyer disputes or a chargeback. The Reserve Amount may exist if:
- is currently processing one or more claims against a seller's transactions at Claims may take 14 days to process.
- is currently processing chargeback(s) filed by buyer(s) to their credit card company against a sales transaction at
- Based on information available to, we reasonably conclude that the seller's actions and/or performance may result in a significant number of buyer disputes, chargeback(s) or other claims against their sales transactions at

Once claims or chargebacks are processed, or concludes that it is no longer necessary to reserve funds, the remainder of the Reserve Amount will be made available for disbursement. The Disbursable Amount, which is the difference between your account balance and the Reserve Amount, can always be disbursed according to the your account payment preferences. As a security measure, we may reserve a portion of your account balance while we conduct a review of your selling account if we observe an unusual change in your sales and/or account activity.

For the first 14 days from the date you registered a seller account at, you would see reserves matching your account balance.

Disbursable Amount

The Disbursable Amount is the amount available for disbursement from your Payments account balance; it equals your account balance less the reserve amount. The Disbursable Amount can be disbursed according to the guidelines for getting paid.

Nonprofit Payments Schedule

Part of our service is to make sure that profit sharing donations happen safely and reliably. We pay nonprofits through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). We deliver funds to the bank account that was provided when a nonprofit registered with All of the donations for a given month are delivered to a nonprofit as a single payment.

Nonprofits, please inform your Accounting Department, and anyone who oversees your bank accounts , that your organization has registered with and may be receiving monthly EFTs. Your donations will be delivered directly into your account on or about the 1st of each month and will be deposited under the name ""

We usually process payments by 12:00 pm CST. However, it may take up to 48 hours for a payment to appear in your bank account. When our payout date falls on a weekend or holiday, we will deliver funds on the next business day.

Several factors influence when a donation will be delivered. These include:
- When the profit sharing donation was paid.
- Whether the seller waived their right to a donation refund.

We hold each donation for at least one month after we receive it. We don't want to deliver money to a nonprofit and then have to ask for it back, so we wait until that refund period expires before delivering donations. Sellers may choose to waive their right to a refund, and accelerate the delivery of their donation.

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