1. Overview of Selling
  2. Ways to Sell
    1. Standing Offer date
    2. Auction a date
    3. Day in the Life date
    4. Fantasy Character date
    5. Reply to a 'Date Wanted' listing
  3. Signing up
  4. Creating your profile
  5. Privacy Settings
  6. Notification Settings
  7. Steps to Selling a date
  8. Designate your Nonprofit Beneficiary
  9. Getting paid for a date
  10. Date Manager
  11. Date taken place confirmation
  12. No shill bidding
  13. Dispute resolution

Overview of Selling members have the ability to be a buyer, or a seller, or both, or neither- it is entirely up to you how you choose to utilize your membership.

Member sellers can create a profile with text/ pictures/ videos/ links to advertise their talents, expertise, availability, rate, etc., and have sole discretion to adjust price and availability of their time. Also the who, what, when, where, why, and how are all solely decided (and/or negotiated or accepted) by the member offering time. See our Sample Profiles section for some examples of how you can set up, and variety of ways you can sell dates with your member profile.

Members may verify and get to know each other better (through email, video, chat or links), or clarify details of the date and payment method with negotiation. A member buyer may request a date (or further information) with any member seller, but it is entirely up to the seller as to whether or not to accept the requested date (or share further information). A member seller may also show interest but require further information from the buyer before accepting a date (i.e. third party verification services provide background checks, see our Member Resources section for more information). Also see our Suggestions/Tips section for more selling tips and issues best to discuss and negotiate prior to a date. makes it easy for member sellers to track income and expenses, and generate reports that summarize profits and nonprofit sharing. Every member profile page also has a calendar feature, to help members organize their schedules and manage their selling activities.

Remember to always be wise, and use good sense in arranging first dates with anyone. Before getting a chance to really know them, public places are most safe when meeting someone new- tell a friend where you are going, bring your mobile phone, and use your own transportation. See our Safety Tips section for ideas on how to manage a safe date experience.

Ways to Sell

There are a variety of ways a member can sell a date:

Standing Offer date

Members can describe (or post a video) a date or skilled time (i.e. singer, cook, etc.) that you are offering, and your price, i.e. wedding singer $300/hour, or a keynote speaker $1,000/hour, or a simple one hour dinner conversation (in location and time of your choosing), etc. Members can leave a standing offer on their profile, and arrange dates based on buyer requests- or member can utilize the calendar tool on their profile and easily designate their dates and times of availability. See our Safety Tips section for suggestions on how to maximize safety and provide a good date experience.

Auction a date

Members can choose to offer a specific date, time, location, and minimum bid (reserve price), and then have an extended (couple days/ weeks/ months) auction for their date. As with all types of dates offered, it is entirely up to the seller whether or not to accept a date- and likewise with an auction, the seller has the option to not accept the highest bidder for a date.

Day in the Life date

Always wondered what it was like behind the scenes of your favorite sports team, production set, restaurant, business, etc. Member sellers can offer buyers a chance to come along for "a day in the life" of their unique job, hobby, or skillset. Employment recruiters can even offer a free "day in the life" working at their company, to find prospective new employees.

Fantasy Character date

Members have the ability to create fantasy characters that they will go "in character" for the duration of their date... i.e. always wanted to go to dinner with Benjamin Franklin, well some of the more drama oriented members may offer this fantasy character for a price- search the ever growing variety of characters offered. If the price is right, a member could even petition their favorite TV celebrity to go to lunch with you "in character" (and that celebrity could donate a portion of the date price to their favorite charity).

Reply to a 'Date Wanted' listing

Using our Create a Date Wanted feature, buyer members can describe and list a specific type of 'date' they are looking to buy, and what they would pay for it. A member seller can use the search feature of our site, under the 'Date Wanted' category, to view the many types of dates wanted by other members, and respond with an offer to sell them this date. Although, in this case, it is up to the buyer member to decide whomever they find best suited, and which member seller's offer to accept.

Who can register as a member?

To register with, a member must be over 18 years old and have read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and agree to abide by our Community Guidelines.

Signup as a member and Create a Profile

To register with, simply click on the Sign up link, located at the top of any page.

Complete the new member registration form, and read and approve our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy agreements. You must check the box approving these agreements to register with Then submit your registration by clicking the Signup button.

Next, check your email for an activation email from, and follow the instructions in the email to confirm your registration and complete the registration process.

That's all there is to it! You can then log in to and begin to create your member profile (see our Sample Profiles section for profile ideas). Once you create a profile, you may then utilize the website for buying and selling, as well as generating money for your favorite nonprofit/charitable causes.

See My Profile section for more details on creating and editing your profile.

Privacy Settings allows you to have control over your information and who sees it. Adjust your privacy settings to match your level of comfort. You choose what information you put in your profile, including contact and personal information, pictures, interests and groups you join. We provide you with the privacy tools necessary to control how and with whom you share that information. You can control the users with whom you share that information through the privacy settings on the My Account page. You can block individuals or you can create a limited profile to hide certain parts of your profile. Block and report anyone that sends you unwanted or inappropriate communications.

Notification Settings

Notification settings allow you to indicate if you would like to be notified about your date listings activity and requests. You can select if you want email notifications whenever a member buyer requests a date or asks a question. You can also setup your notification settings to remind you about upcoming scheduled dates and times. See My Account help section for more details on editing your account settings.

Steps to Selling a date

Selling a date is as easy as:

1. Create a member profile

2. Choose a Category and Title
Increase your profile views: Be sure to include keywords that buyers will search for, unique or descriptive attributes, and always check your spelling. Your date title and description is critical in helping users find your profile and dates offered. Emphasize words that buyers would actually use to search for you or your date.

3. Add Pictures / Videos
Include photos and videos on your member profile: A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video gives potential buyers an even better opportunity to view a bit of your charm and appeal. Use clear, well-lit photos and videos to showcase yourself or talents.

4. Describe Your Date
Describe your date in detail: A good description is concise, well organized, and easy to read. Create bold section headlines, bulleted lists, and be sure to include date style/type, and other attributes. Think about your listing from the buyer's perspective. The more information you provide, the more likely buyers are to place a bid.

5. Select Date Type, Price, and Payment Method
Select which type(s) of date(s) you are offering and your price. Accept several methods of online payments. Member sellers can choose that all payments are made upfront before the date... or members can negotiate to utilize our Escrow Service which holds the payment until the date is satisfactorily completed. It is up to the members to choose and agree what they prefer. Buyers are more likely to bid on your dates if your payment methods are clearly stated and easy to use.

6. Customer Service
Bring them back with great communication: Respond to buyer requests, questions or emails quickly. The more customer-friendly your interactions, the more you will be able to convert potential buyers into loyal customers.

7. Nonprofit Promotion
Promote the nonprofit or charitable cause that is benefiting from your date. Buyers are more willing to purchase and often pay more for dates that benefit a nonprofit or charity. You can enhance buyer trust and loyalty by aligning with a cause, gain increased exposure, and receive a receipt for your tax-deductible profit sharing with a nonprofit organization or charity. Make the most out of all your charitable contributions - see our Tax Tips section for more details.

Designate your Nonprofit Beneficiary

When a member seller makes a profit, gets 5%, of which 3% goes to a nonprofit organization of the seller's choosing. As a member seller you can also increase the amount of profit sharing you wish to contribute (beyond the 3%) to your nonprofit beneficiary, and may even select several nonprofit organizations to share in your profits.

You can use our Nonprofit Resources page, to search the ever growing nonprofit database and find a nonprofit or charitable cause that appeals to you.

From your My Account page, members can set their account so that it defaults to a particular nonprofit organization (and any additional % sharing), without having to fill in these parameters for each date:
- Click the 'My Account' tab located on the top menu bar.
- Click the 'Designate a Nonprofit' tab located in the submenu.
- Fill in the nonprofit organization name from the nonprofit database, to serve as your default Nonprofit Beneficiary (of the 3% that automatically donates). Also fill in any additional % of your profits you wish to share with any nonprofit as a default parameter (and/or additional nonprofits and % sharing).
- Click the 'Submit' button.

Members can also override these default nonprofit sharing settings for any particular date, through the 'Dates Offered' Edit button on your member profile page.
- Click on 'Edit' in the Dates Offered section.
- You will be taken to the Date Manager, where you can select the date you wish to set your Nonprofit Beneficiary details.
- Highlight the date you wish to edit, and then click the 'Edit Selected Date' button, which allows you to customize your Nonprofit Beneficiaries, and how much, you wish to share.

Getting paid for a date

You can get paid for a date, with a variety of payment methods, dependent on what you agree to with the member buyer - see our Payment Center for various payment options. Member sellers may list their preferred payment methods, but member buyers can negotiate and even request to utilize our Escrow Service, which holds the payment until the date is satisfactorily completed. It is up to the members to choose and agree what they prefer. See Suggestions/Tips section for more tips and issues best to discuss and negotiate prior to a date.

Ensure your contact information and email address is up-to-date. Check your personal information to make sure it is correct. Also, check that any "spam" blocking software that you have installed at your email address, does not limit a buyer from communicating with you.

Date Manager

You can view key information for all your dates currently being offered on including current price, number of bids, and current high bidder. For upcoming dates already sold, you will be able to view information about your buyer, the details of the date you sold, what the buyer paid for the date, and any additional information that was negotiated.

You can choose to see all dates you're selling, or just those that are with bids or with offers. To manage your dates:
- Sign in to your account.
- Click the 'My Account' tab located on the top menu bar.
- Click the 'Date Manager' tab located in the submenu.

You can use the Date Manager feature to:
- Revise the details or availability of your date listing
- Edit the description of your date listing
- Sell a similar date starting with the details of previously sold date
- End a date listing early

Managing date listings
You can view a list of the dates you scheduled for a future time (pending dates). Since these dates are currently pending, you can preview and edit them. You can also edit your date listings directly in the Dates Offered section of your member profile.

Managing dates you've sold
You can view information about your date listings that ended in a successful sale including the buyer, sale price, date paid (or awaiting payment), and when the date took place, or will take place. You can select the date range using the menu in the upper right corner of the view.

Managing unsold dates
You can view information about your date listings that did not end in a successful sale including the title, number of bids, high bid, and end date on the Unsold Dates view. These dates may have received no bids, not received bids meeting your reserve price, or not sold for another reason. To select the date range, use the menu in the upper right corner of the view. To make another attempt to sell an unsold date, click relist.

See My Account help section for more details on account settings and features.

Date taken place confirmation

After a date has taken place, the member seller will be sent a date confirmation email asking the seller to confirm that the date has taken place as scheduled. If the seller confirms that the date has taken place, then a second email will be sent to the seller that serves as a donation receipt, for the portion of the seller's profits that went to the seller's designated nonprofit organization(s).

It is the member seller's responsibility to notify and the member buyer, if the date is to be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled.

No shill bidding

Shill bidding is the deliberate placing of bids to artificially raise the price of a date. Shill bidding is not allowed on, and is in fact illegal in some areas. No organization should ever engage in or encourage shill bidding. actively watches for shills, and will suspend users it suspects of shill bidding.

Dispute resolution

We understand that it's never a pleasant experience to have a problem with a date. Often, the easiest way to resolve a problem is by communicating with the other person. However, if you continue to have a problem, you can report this problem through our Dispute Resolution center. The dispute center is an online communication tool which can help you report, track, and resolve your dispute.

Do you still need help?

If after visiting our Help sections and FAQs, you were still unable to find an answer to your questions, then please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist.