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    1. Benefits of a member profile
    2. Who can register?
    3. Signup as a member and Create a profile
  4. Nonprofits: Registering with
    1. Benefits of being in the Nonprofit Database
    2. Who can register?
    3. Sign up and Add your Nonprofit to our Database
      1. Check for our confirmation email
      2. Create a password
    4. Email proof of tax deductibility
    5. Notify your accounting department
    6. Nonprofit Verification
    7. Rules and Regulations that govern online fundraising
    8. Recommend a Nonprofit to be added to our database

Sellers/Buyers: Registering with

Benefits of a member profile

There are no monthly fees, nor hidden costs - it's a free membership. is an online database of member's looking to buy and/or sell time. is more than just a 'social network', it is intended to be a 'social utility', a tool for empowering entrepreneurs and humanitarians to be able to make some income for their self business and/or for a social cause. members have the ability to be a buyer, or a seller, or both, or neither- it is entirely up to you how you choose to utilize your membership.

Member sellers can create a profile with text/pictures/videos/links to advertise their talents, expertise, availability, rate, etc., and have sole discretion to adjust price and availability of their time. Also the who, what, when, where, why, and how are all solely decided (and/or negotiated or accepted) by the member offering time. Members can leave a standing offer or utilize an auction style offer. makes it easy for member sellers to track income and expenses, and generate reports that summarize profits and nonprofit sharing.

Member buyers can browse a large database of member profiles, and use search features to locate seller members based on a wide variety of criteria. Upon finding a member seller of interest, a buyer can contact the seller. A member buyer may request a date (or further information) with any member seller, although it is entirely up to the seller as to whether or not to accept the requested date (or share further information).

Members may verify and get to know each other better (through email, video, chat or links), or clarify details of the date and payment method with negotiation (see our Suggestions/Tips section for ideas and issues best to discuss and negotiate prior to a date).

Who can register as a member?

To register with, a member must be over 18 years old and have read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and agree to abide by our Community Guidelines.

Signup as a member and Create a Profile

To register with, simply click on the Sign up link, located at the top of any page.

Complete the new member registration form, and read and approve our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy agreements. You must check the box approving these agreements to register with Then submit your registration by clicking the Signup button.

Next, check your email for an activation email from, and follow the instructions in the email to confirm your registration and complete the registration process.

That's all there is to it! You can then log in to and begin to create your member profile (see our Sample Profiles section for profile ideas). Once you create a profile, you may then utilize the website for buying and selling, as well as generating money for your favorite nonprofit/charitable causes.

Nonprofits: Registering with

Benefits of being in the Nonprofit Database

A nonprofit organization must register with to be listed in our database. It's free and takes just a few minutes.

Once you're in our nonprofit database, you'll have instant access to a wide array of new donor prospects from the community. Any member will be able to list a date and contribute any portion of their profits to your organization. There are no costs or fees to be part of the nonprofit database. So the full amount of profits that any member decides to share with your organization is the amount you will receive. offers your organization a powerful avenue for raising funds around which you can build annual programs and campaigns. The fundraising potential for any organization is unlimited, and is largely determined by a combination of strategic planning and promotion. Reinvigorate existing supporters and offer a new way for them to contribute to your cause. Nonprofit organizations can use to fundraise, by asking your donors and supporters to offer a date through, and select your organization to be the beneficiary of their profits.

Tap into a new source of funding and add to your supporter base. Some organizations have relationships with specific celebrities, who can raise very large profits by auctioning off even a single date, the proceeds of which can go directly to their supported charity. There are also downloadable templates for sending an email about to your supporters.

Nonprofits organizations added to our database get a password protected web-based account. This nonprofit account offers reports on all funds raised through for your organization.

Who can register as a nonprofit?

All nonprofit organizations that can provide proof of tax-deductibility and are in good standing with the IRS are welcome to participate; however, groups involved in the promotion of terrorism, hate, racial intolerance, or illegal activities will be disallowed.

To be included in our nonprofit database, you must certify your organization with You will need to provide a working email address, an electronic copy of your logo (jpg or gif format, 50kb maximum), a mission statement, contact information, and your 501(c)(3) letter or other proof of tax-deductibility. will send you a confirmation email once we have completed the certification process. This may take up to 2 business days. If you're not sure whether your tax-deductible nonprofit can register with, feel free to Contact Us.

Sign up and Add your Nonprofit to our Database

To sign up and add your nonprofit organization to our nonprofit database, simply click on the Add a Nonprofit to our Database link, located on the Home page or on our Nonprofit Resources page.

Complete the registration form

To start registering with, read and approve our Nonprofit User Agreement, as well as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy agreements.

Then complete the registration form. We suggest getting all of the information that you'll need together before registering. This section offers details on what you'll need and how we'll use it.

Nonprofit name - Must be shorter than 255 characters, including spaces. Enter your name carefully (no typos!) because it is how it will appear on Nonprofit names will be listed alphabetically, so you may want to leave "The" and "A" off the front of your name, just to make it easier to find you.

Mission statement - Can't be longer than 512 characters, including spaces (that's about 40 words). Check your spelling carefully.

Keywords - Choose up to five keywords that describe the work you do. Sellers and buyers can search by keyword in addition to name, mission and location to find your organization.

Mission categories - Choose from one to three mission categories that best suit your nonprofit. These categories will help members find your organization in the nonprofit database.

Website URL - Enter your web address to create a link to your organization's website.

Nonprofit logo - Upload your organization's logo in either .gif, .jpg or .jpeg format. Your logo must also be smaller than 50 kilobytes. For best results, use a color logo with at least 72 dpi (dots per inch) resolution that is at least 150 pixels wide. Logos that are smaller than 150 pixels wide may appear fuzzy or distorted. Vertically-oriented (tall) logos look best when they are no more than 250 pixels high.

EIN - Most nonprofits have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This is usually the number that appears on your nonprofit's 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS. We use it as an additional way of validating your organization if necessary.

Nonprofit type - Select the type that describes why your organization is tax-deductible. If multiple types apply to you, pick the one that best describes your nonprofit. We use this information to verify that the proof of deductibility you provide is adequate.

Contact information (name, address, phone, fax and email) - Enter this information for the person who will be administering your nonprofit account on a regular basis. This is the person we'll notify when a listing is posted on your nonprofit's behalf, and whom we'll contact if we have questions.

You'll need to be able to check this email account to complete your registration.

General office phone number - We need a main office number in case we can't reach your contact (for example, if your listed contact leaves the organization).

Date listing notification preferences - Nonprofit organizations can choose to be notified about their listings in several ways:

You can sign in to your nonprofit account for a summary of all date listings that will or have benefited your organization.

You can also sign up for email notifications: You can select 'Never notify me'. You will not be notified by email for any of the new seller listings which will benefit your organization. Or select 'Notify me about new listings'. You'll be notified by email when a seller lists a date which will benefit your organization. In addition, you will be notified if the seller revises that listing. Your notification preferences, can be edited at any time by going to your nonprofit account and clicking on 'email preferences'.

We take the privacy and security of your personal information very seriously. We use secure socket layer (SSL) to protect your data, and adhere to a strict Privacy Policy.

Check for our confirmation email

After you've submitted the registration form, we'll send you a message to test that the email address you entered is working and belongs to you. Follow the instructions in this email to confirm your account and complete the registration process.

Create a password

Once you confirm your email address, we'll ask you to create a password. Passwords must be at least six (6) characters long. usernames and passwords are case sensitive, and cannot include spaces. Make sure to remember yours exactly as you enter it. You may want to write it down someplace safe. By default, your username will be your email address. You have the option to change your username if you'd like.

Email us your proof of tax deductibility

Nonprofit organizations must email (with a scanned attachment) proof of your tax-deductible status to verify that your nonprofit can receive donations.

Notify your accounting department

Please inform your accounting department that your organization has registered with and may be receiving monthly Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs). Informing your Accounting Department in advance will help prevent any confusion when your organization starts receiving profit sharing contributions from Nonprofit Verification Policy performs a careful screening to ensure that our standards for participation are met, before admitting an organization to our searchable list of nonprofits. We verify that every organization:
- Is recognized as a tax-deductible entity in good standing with the IRS.
- Does not promote violence, hate, racial intolerance or illegal activities.
- Has not been identified by the United States, European Union or United Nations as involved in or supporting terrorist activities. We also take steps to ensure that the nonprofit listing was created by an authorized agent of the organization.

We do not verify how a nonprofit uses funds from or any other source. When you choose an organization to support, please read their mission statement and use their website links provided on their listing, to understand how your profit sharing with them will be used.

We reserve the right to provide, or refuse to provide, a license to use to any organization. We also reserve the right to modify our standards and practices for nonprofit verification as we deem necessary.

Rules and Regulations that govern online fundraising

As explained in our Nonprofit User Agreement, does not act as a licensed fundraiser on behalf of any nonprofit registered on our site. Nonprofits that register with are responsible for compliance with all laws related to their actions on our site, including certain state laws requiring those that engage in charitable solicitation to register with those states.

Charitable fundraising is a highly regulated area subject to numerous state and federal laws. We recommend that you consult with your legal advisor regarding your activities, to ensure that your organization is complying with all applicable laws. is not responsible for your liability for failure to comply with these laws.

Recommend a Nonprofit to be added to our database

If your favorite nonprofit organization is not on our list, you can recommend that they register with To recommend a nonprofit, you'll need to provide:
- An email address for someone at your favorite nonprofit
- Your name
- Your email address
Recommend a Nonprofit now. We will then send an automatic email invitation to the nonprofit on your behalf - it will include your name and email address.

Your recommended nonprofit must sign up with before you can donate to them. However, recommending a nonprofit does not obligate you to make donations to them. Check back on the site regularly to see if your recommended nonprofit joined You can also follow-up with the nonprofit directly to see if they signed up.

Do you still need help?

If after visiting our Help sections and FAQs, you were still unable to find an answer to your questions, then please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist.