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Buyadate.org is an online database of members looking to browse, buy and/or sell time. Buyadate.org is more than just a 'social network', it is intended to be a 'social utility'. The goal is to be an empowerment website for entrepreneurs and humanitarians- and to help channel funding into the nonprofit sector.

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Member Resources

Member Resources

There are a variety of features and resources that are available to members:

Track and Manage your business dealings: My Account will assist you to keep track and manage all income and expenses (and tax write-offs from any charitable profit sharing contributions), arranged through Buyadate.org. There is also space for you to add in any additional costs you may choose to incur (from utilizing external services as part of your date experience, i.e. any charges incurred from using a background check, event planner services, security services, etc.).

Every Buyadate.org member profile has a Calendar Feature to help member's organize their schedules and manage their business activities.

Visit our Entrepreneurial Resources section for a range of useful links, tips, and great resources.

Visit our Suggestions /Tips section for selling tips and how to create a great member profile.

Visit our Sample Profiles section for examples of the ways that you can utilize your member profile page.

Visit our Safety Tips section for ideas on how to manage a safe date experience.

Visit our Nonprofit Resources section for a variety of ways that members can get involved with the nonprofit sector, and charitable causes can benefit from Buyadate.org.

Visit our Tax Tips section for details on how to make the most out of your charitable profit sharing.

Escrow Service

Feel secure. Buyadate.org holds payment in a neutral Escrow Account. Buyer releases the funds only when the agreed upon date has taken place to satisfaction.

How does it work?
1. Buyer and Seller negotiate terms of the date, including to utilize an Escrow Account.
2. Buyer deposits funds into the Escrow Account before the date takes place. During the payment process, when the buyer is requested to supply payment information, the buyer will have the opportunity to select to utilize the Buyadate.org Escrow Service.
3. Buyadate.org verifies the Buyer payment into the Escrow Account.
4. Buyer and Seller go on agreed upon date.
5. Buyer confirms the date has taken place satisfactorily.
6. Buyadate.org releases the funds from the Escrow Account to the Seller.

If Buyer is not satisfied with the date, and a dispute arises, then the escrowed funds are not released, and Buyadate.org will assist Buyer and Seller with our free Dispute Resolution center.

Dispute Resolution

We understand that it's never a pleasant experience to have a problem with a date. Often, the easiest way to resolve a problem is by communicating with the other person. However, if you continue to have a problem, you can report this problem through our Dispute Resolution center. The dispute center is an online communication tool which can help you report, track, and resolve your dispute.

Additional External Resources

The following are resources that members may choose to utilize, which offer additional options to further assist you, with date safety and planning negotiations. Realize that these external services will charge a fee (which members may choose to include as part of their date requirements and price negotiations). Find your own service providers or check out some of the featured providers below.

Background Check

Find out more about the buyer or seller's background and history before agreeing to a date. A simple background check can turn public record into personal knowledge.

Security Service

Security Services can be arranged as additional protection on any date.

Event /Date Planner:

Members can hire an event/date planner for recommendations on restaurants or other date ideas, locations, or planning.

Other Resources

Buyadate.org provides the following resources to help you stay informed about the latest information and guidelines; learn how to use Buyadate.org; and connect with other Buyadate.org members.