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About is an avenue for members to offer their interestingness, knowledge, talents, creativity, etc. to the public, along with the option to share any portion of their proceeds with nonprofit organizations of member's choosing.

Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Explore the world of charitable causes and nonprofit organizations, and the many incredible companies trying to make a positive difference in the world. has attempted to connect this page to a wealth of nonprofit industry collaboration websites and resources, to encourage member's inner humanitarian to get involved, whenever possible.

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Designate a Nonprofit Beneficiary

Who else profits when I make money?

When a member seller makes a profit, gets 5%, of which 3% goes to a nonprofit organization of the seller's choosing. As a member seller you can choose to increase the amount of profit sharing you wish to contribute (beyond the 3%) to your Nonprofit Beneficiary, and may even select several nonprofit organizations to share in your profits.

How do I find a nonprofit organization worth giving to?

Search the ever growing nonprofit database. If you don't find the nonprofit organization you are looking for, there are many first class websites which have accumulated extensive databases of nonprofit organizations and charitable causes, i.e. or, or search by your own methods. When you find a nonprofit organization which merits your sharing, recommend them to our database (so that you may select them as a Nonprofit Beneficiary).

How do I Designate which nonprofit organization will receive the benefits from my profits?

From your My Account page, you can create your default nonprofit sharing designation settings for all dates, or you can customize your sharing for each date individually from your member My Profile page.

What if a nonprofit organization I want to share with is not in the database?

You can simply Recommend a Nonprofit, and we will invite them to visit our website and join our database, so that you may select them as a Nonprofit Beneficiary (and so other members looking for new causes may also share with them). Or feel free to contact the nonprofit organization or charity on your own, and ask them to visit our site and Add their organization our database.

World Change Bowl

Toss a percentage (large or small) of any or all dates you choose.... watch all the change add up..

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.."

Featured Nonprofits

National Wildlife Federation ACLU Greenpeace Cancer Research Institute American National Red Cross

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