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Buyadate.org is an online database of members looking to browse, buy and/or sell time. Buyadate.org is more than just a 'social network', it is intended to be a 'social utility'. The goal is to be an empowerment website for entrepreneurs and humanitarians- and to help channel funding into the nonprofit sector.

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Promoted Profiles Advertising

How the Promoted Profile advertising space works:

The Featured Members section, on the Buyadate.org home page, rotates through multiple tab headings, but starts off every visit with users viewing the Promoted Profiles tab for 30 seconds.

After the first 30 seconds of each minute, the Featured Members section rotates through the 3 other heading tabs (Most Viewed, Most Requested, Most Comments) for 10 seconds each, before coming back to the Promoted Profiles tab again for 30 seconds. Repeating like this for the entire hour of time you choose to advertise (unless the viewing member specifically selects another tab to view).

There are 12 spots in the Promoted Profiles section, which are essentially like electronic billboard space rented by the hour. For the hour(s) you choose to advertise, 30 seconds of every minute in that hour, will feature your selected profile picture and member profile name.

Advertising cost per profile space: $5 per hour.

For any given hour, you can only advertise in one spot of the 12 available spaces.
For the first time advertising (and any time you submit a new photograph for advertising), please allow 1 - 3 days for the photo approval process.

To purchase advertising space in the Promoted Profiles section, you must be a member and logged in to your account. Click Here to login.