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Buyadate.org is an online database of members looking to browse, buy and/or sell time. Buyadate.org is more than just a 'social network', it is intended to be a 'social utility'. The goal is to be an empowerment website for entrepreneurs and humanitarians- and to help channel funding into the nonprofit sector.

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10 Ways to use Buyadate.org

10 Ways to use Buyadate.org

1) Browse Profiles:

Browse Member Profiles- Browse through the daily growing database of interesting members- people from all walks of life. Are there people you always wished you could have a dinner with? Invite them to join (for Free!) and perhaps you can have that date.

Browse Nonprofit Database - Browse through our ever growing database of nonprofit organizations. Find a charitable cause with whom you'd care to potentially share a portion of your profits.

2) Create a Profile:

Create a Member Profile - Create a member profile so that you can buy or sell a date or time with any other member. You can copy and paste information from your profile at other websites, or you can start from scratch and build your profile with text, pictures, blog, or video(s) to best describe yourself or what you're offering. You can leave a standing offer, create a calendar of availability, auction a date, or even create a fantasy character.

Add a Nonprofit to our Database - Nonprofit or charitable organizations can be added to our database, by submitting an application and being verified. Buyadate.org members can then select any (or several) nonprofit organizations to be a beneficiary of sharing in the profits from any or all of the member's date(s).

3) Invite a friend:

Don't see somebody you wished you could buy a date, or some time with. Do you have some favorite profiles from other websites, always wanted the chance to ask one to lunch for the opportunity to chat, or to hire one to sing at a party, etc. Just click the Invite a friend link, and you can invite whomever you please.

4) eRequest your Dream Date:

Some profiles, celebrities and such, are responsiveness to their fanbase's petitions. Do you have a favorite celebrity you'd love to get an hour to interview them, or simply chat? Visit our eRequest section, see if your dream date is already on the eRequest list, and if so, you can add your e-signature to the online petition. If an agent or actual individual sees enough interest from their fanbase, they might be persuaded to a win-win scenario, where they auction off a set date/ time/ location, and donate a portion of their proceeds to their favorite charity. Don't see someone on your wishlist?, you can add them to the eRequest list.

5) Buy a date:

Search by name/ keyword/ category settings choices (or try our Advanced Search page for additional criteria to refine your search), and buy a date with someone offering their time or skill for a set price. Or buy a date with someone who is auctioning off a date.

Get to know the seller better, thru email, chat, or video. You can pay for a date, with a variety of payment methods, dependent on what you agree to with the member seller - see our Payment Center for various payment options. Want to learn more about a particular member, then view their profile, or comments section, or the discussion boards to get further information

Or Create a Date Wanted - This is like a 'Date Wanted' ad, that allows members to list a specific type of 'date' they are looking to buy, and what they would pay for it. As a Buyadate.org member you can design your ideal date (i.e. flowers, dinner, and a movie), offer a price you'd be willing to buy for some enjoyable company, and then let the offers come in as they may. You can check out, on an ongoing basis, the profiles of any sellers looking to accept your offer to provide you such a date, and then you can select and buy whomever fits well what you're looking for.

For example, a member buyer can create and post in the Date Wanted section of their member profile "I want to learn how to take the perfect 3 point jump shot, from a current or ex-professional/ college basketball player, I want a 2 hour session to practice form and shots, willing to pay $5,000"- and then the member buyer can let the offers roll in, and pick whomever is best suited. A member seller can use the browse feature of our site to search for 'Date Wanted', and view the many types of dates wanted by other members.

6) Sell a date:

Standing offer - describe (or post a video) a date or skilled time (i.e. singer, cook, etc.) that you are offering, and your price, i.e. wedding singer, $400/hour, or a keynote speaker, $1,000/hour, or a simple one hour dinner conversation (in location and time of your choosing), etc. Members can leave a standing offer on their profile, and arrange dates based on buyer requests- or member can utilize the calendar tool on their profile and easily designate their dates and times of availability. See our Safety Tips section for suggestions on how to maximize safety and provide a good date experience.

Auction a date: Member can choose to offer a specific date, time, location, and minimum bid, and then have an extended (couple weeks/months) auction for their date. As with all types of dates offered, it is entirely up to the seller whether or not to accept a date- and likewise with an auction, the seller has the option to not accept the highest bidder for a date.

See our Sample Profiles section for some examples of how you can set up, and variety of ways you can utilize, your member profile.

7) Day in the Life:

Always wondered what it was like behind the scenes of your favorite sports team, production set, restaurant, business, etc. Member sellers can offer buyers a chance to come along for "a day in the life" of their unique job, hobby, or skillset. Employment recruiters can even offer a free "day in the life" working at their company, to find prospective new employees.

8) Fantasy Character:

Members have the ability to create fantasy characters that they will go "in character" for the duration of their date... i.e. always wanted to go to dinner with Benjamin Franklin, well some of the more drama oriented members may offer this fantasy character for a price - search the ever growing variety of characters offered. If the price is right, a member could even petition their favorite TV celebrity to go to lunch with you "in character" (and that celebrity could donate a portion of the date price to their favorite charity).

9) Entrepreneurial Resources:

Buyadate.org was created to be an avenue for greater empowering the entrepreneur and humanitarian in whomever... to be a resource and website for not only creating some income, but as a place where entrepreneurs can find additional resources and assistance. Realizing that a successful entrepreneur is more able to let out their inner humanitarian. Checkout our Entrepreneurial Resources for a whole host of useful links and tips.

10) Nonprofit Resources:

A place for nonprofit organizations to reach a vast database of entrepreneurial humanitarians. An opportunity for nonprofit organizations to find more supporters (willing to share money or time) towards their charitable causes. Checkout our Nonprofit Resources center for the multiple ways that members can get involved, and charitable causes can benefit.

Wanna know more? Visit our How it Works? or see our FAQs.